We encourage children to express themselves through our visual and creative arts programs, which encompass painting, drawing, sculpture, drama, dance and music.  These experiences are designed to encourage the joy of self expression, develop fundamental movement’s skills and instill musical appreciation.

Painting, drawing and sculpture experiences provide a graphic language for children to make meaning of and communicate their ideas and understandings.

“Every child is an artist”

Pablo Picasso

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Albert Einstein

We nurture children’s innate affinity with the natural environment, fostering connections as we wonder and marvel at its beauty, intrigue, simplicity and complexity.

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Our environments are lovingly created to provoke, inspire, enchant and engage the children’s learning and imagination!

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We present rich open ended “loose part’ resources that proposition the children’s imagination and creativity as they seize there infinite possibilities for exploration and discovery.

These provisions stimulate children to play with ideas, generate theories, hypothesize, understand relationships and solve problems creatively.

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We engage the children in inquiry driven, project based learning experiences and document these to record and make children’s learning visible.

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Different cultures and traditions from our home lands and the wider world are respected and embraced

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