About Us

Our award winning purpose built centre is innovatively designed and accommodates a wide range of programs that educate, nurture, engage and enchant.

The centre also boasts extensive naturally landscaped outdoor play areas that invite exploration and connect children to the natural world.

Our vision

Our vision, to provide a service that pays homage to the wonders and magic of childhood, finally came to fruition when Cameron Park was established in July 2006. This was just the beginning of our journey to honor our promise to create a unique place for children to dream up possibilities, imagine, explore and develop a love of learning. Together as a community we continually strive to build meaningful relationships that lay these essential foundations.


Our family focused and inclusive programs are delivered by a team of highly qualified, skilled and passionate early childhood educators. We employ well above the required staff to child ratio providing our staff with the opportunity and available time required to facilitate highest standards of education and care.

Our facility

Our facility sets the benchmark in children’s services, providing thoughtfully considered play spaces in a dynamic contemporary building. Set amongst natural surroundings, hosting meandering pathways, magical hideaways, lush planting and interesting textured play scapes. The environment engages the children’s imagination and encourages their learning pursuits.

Outdoors, the children have access to a vegetable garden that harvest fruits, herbs and vegetables which are used in our kitchen. The children care for the garden collecting water from our tanks and worm tea form the worm farm.

Opening Hours

The building was conceived as a ‘Childcare Centre with a conscience’, combining environmental awareness with our learning philosophy. The building itself is designed to enlighten the children to the importance of living sustainably, conserving our natural resources; by minimizing energy usage and using recyclable materials. From the very fabric of the building to its form, the centre is designed to be ‘environmentally friendly’.


Our centre is open from Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 6.00pm,   51 weeks of the year.  We are closed on Christmas Eve and reopen the first business day after New Years Day.

Fee Structure

We aim to provide a quality service to families at an affordable price.

Management will set fees based on CPI changes and annual budgeting forecasting.  For current fee information please contact Administration on 4953 0707 or email les@cpelc.com.au for a current fee schedule.

When enrolling your child a one off $100 administrative fee applies. This secures your application and covers processing requirements.

An annual $50 equipment levy is in place which is applied to your fees in the third week of January. This ensures we are able enrich our learning programs with a high standard of quality resources.

Fees must be paid two weeks in advance via direct debit from your nominated bank account on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly as specified by you.


14 days notice is required when dropping any or all days. This allow for the service to fill the position.


Our daily fee includes morning, lunch and afternoon tea.

You are required to supply your child’s nappies, formula and bed linen.

Receipts will be sent out weekly and will be placed in parent pockets.

Fees will not be charged during the centre’s 1 week closure period.

Fees will be charged for public holidays.

CCB & CCR Information:

All families registered with Family Assistance the programs are eligible for both the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the 50% Child Care Tax Rebate (CCR) for out-of-pocket expenses.

Please go to the Family Assistance website www.familyassist.gov.au for more information on CCB and the Child Care Rebate.

Common questions about Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate:

As everyone’s circumstances are different, the following information is a guide only. Please contact the Family Assistance Office to discuss individual eligibility.

If I am not working, studying or training, can I still apply for government subsidies?

Yes, you are still eligible for up to 24 hours of CCB (two days care) per week. For more than two full days care, you must pass the government’s Work/Training/Study test. To be eligible for the 50% child care rebate, you must pass the Work/Training/Study test.

How is CCB and 50% Child Care Rebate paid?

The CCB is paid directly to the centre weekly, thus reducing your fees.  You have the option for your CCR to be paid directly to the centre, further reducing your fees, or paid directly to your account fortnightly or quarterly.  This is to be set up by you via Family Assistance or we will be instructed by the FAO as to what fee amount to deduct from your bank account.

How much CCB will I receive?

CCB is means tested so the amount you receive depends on your family income and you will need to contact FAO to gain this information.

How is the 50% Child Care Rebate calculated?

The 50% Child Care rebate is calculated on your Out-of-Pocket expenses.